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Zed has released his feature documentary —True Colors —exclusively via iTunes HERE. The film, which premiered on it’s first day at #2 on the iTunes Documentary charts, will be widely available on select streaming services beginning November 8th.

The documentary follows excited fans as they scour the city for clues to be the first ones to get exclusive passes to 10 unique fan events conceived around each song on Zedd’s True Colors album and in incredible locations around the U.S., including Joshua Tree, Alcatraz, the Grand Canyon, and the Empire State Building. MTV had said, “Zedd may have rewritten the playbook because he’s embarked on one of the most ambitious rollouts we’ve ever seen”, while Buzzfeed said “You could feel the dreams coming true… every fan left with an authentic moment with their favorite producer.” The film also explores the process behind the music through high-voltage performance footage and revealing interviews with Zedd, his family, and industry supporters. True Colors is about more than the making of an album and an epic world tour, it’s a story about the unique relationship between a musician and his fans, and the journey of an artist finding his own voice.

Watch the trailer above.

“Guys!! My True Colors Documentary that we’ve been working on for so long with my team and 42 Entertainment is finally out today. :))),” says Zedd. “I’m super excited to share all those intimate moments from my life and the True Colors Events with you all. I wanted to give my fans an experience of a life time and I hope everyone enjoys watching it come to life.”

To celebrate the film’s release, the True Colors album is available for sale for $7.99 on iTunes for a limited time.