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Ying Yang Twins Celebrate Miley Cyrus In New Tribute Song

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

We wanna give a quick thank you shout out to Kaine and D-Roc of Ying Yang Twins. Why? Well, last week Miley Cyrus had released her new provocative music video for her single “We Can’t Stop”, and because we were taking personal time most of the week, we missed out on covering it. Now as we’re entering this new week, we’ve found that Ying Yang Twins have done all the work for us in finding a fresh spin on Miley’s video, and in this case, frankly, her booty!

The Atlanta based Hip Hop duo has done this by making their own new song called “Miley Cyrus.” It discusses in detail their appreciation for Miley’s now infamous Twerking skills that first became popular from a viral video she released of her “shaking that thang” 3 months ago. Not since J-Lo has a butt become such a huge part of Pop culture so relatively quickly. This new song proves that the popularity is now so big that it’s become cross-generational.

Ok, it’s not that serious, “butt” it is a little funny. Why? Well, for those of you who don’t know, “Twerking” is provocative “butt wiggle” dancing. It is a type of dancing, that in all fairness was characterized by “dirty south” club culture, and first introduced to the pop culture mainstream in Hip Hop tracks like “Whistle While You Twerk” by Ying Yang Twins in the year 2000.  Miley on the other hand didn’t even begin to “work it” for Disney and her teen sit-com Hanna Montana until 2006.  So, in a way, they’ve come full circle to influence their own song in the coolest way possible.

You can listen to Ying Yang Twins’ “Miley Cyrus” by clicking here. The song is very explicit. Check everything else out below. Cheers!

Miley Cyrus

“We Can’t Stop” (explicit)

RCA Records

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