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Wiz Khalifa Sued Over “Black & Yellow” (Listen to “Pink N’ Yellow”)

Wiz Khalifa "Black And Yellow" Rostrum/Atlantic Records

Pittsburgh based rapper Wiz Khalifa is the focus of a federal copyright infringement lawsuit that was filed on December 30, 2011 in Pennsylvania.  The $2.3 million lawsuit alleges that Wiz Khalifa lifted the premise of his 2010 Billboard #1 hit “Black & Yellow” from a songwriter named  Max Gregory Warren.  Warren contends in his lawsuit that he wrote a song titled, “Pink N Yellow” in 2007 and had his work copyrighted in February of 2008.

According to the court documents obtained exclusively by, Warren names Wiz Khalifa, two co-writers of “Black & Yellow” Mikkel Eriksen and Tor Erik Hermanson, as well as Warner Music Group, Atlantic Recording Corporation, and Rostrum Records as defendants in the case.  The court papers also allege that the above parties, “engaged in a scheme to defraud plaintiff out of the fruits of his copyright.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in an article they wrote about this story, posted a link to the audio of what is believed to be the original song by Max Gregory Warren, “Pink N Yellow”.  Give it a listen and see what you think about the similarities in the songs.

Maxamillion Featuring Yung Zee, Frank G and AC

“Pink N’ Yellow”

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Wiz Khalifa

“Black And Yellow”

Rostrum/Atlantic Records