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Why Matt And Kim Teamed Up With Soulja Boy And Andrew WK

Matt & Kim With Andrew W.K. & Soulja Boy
Matt & Kim With Andrew W.K. & Soulja Boy

Here is something so unique that we saw, we had to take a moment and tell you about it. As part of Converse’s 3 Artists 1 Song Collaboration project, Indie Pop group Matt & Kim, rapper Soulja Boy, and self proclaimed “King of Partying” rocker Andrew W.K. have joined together to create the party anthem, “I’m A Goner”.  The song was recorded at the new Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, New York, which Converse unveiled earlier this summer, a place that gives aspiring artists of all genres the opportunity to record their music with professional help free of charge. 

            When asked about what the collaboration process was like, Andrew W.K. said, “I just love being around other people to see how they party, how they live, how they work, how they approach their vision and carry themselves. I’ve had deep respect Matt, Kim, and Soulja already, so just getting to be together with them and serve this shared passion was a joy.” 

            A video for “I’m A Goner” has recently been released and it is just as unique as the grouping of these artists would suggest.  The video can be viewed below, and the song is available for free download at