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Pitbull "Planet Pit" Mr. 305/J. Records/RMG

Pitbull "Planet Pit" Mr. 305/J. Records/RMG

Last night millions of people saw Cuban American rapper, Pitbull perform his platinum hit single, “Give Me Everything” with Ne-Yo amd  Miami singer/model Nayer on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.. The smash hit is the second single from his forthcoming 6th album, Planet Pit from J. Records. The album is sure to be out of this world., combining Pitbull’s southern Rap flow with a mixture of Electro Pop and Dance.

Some of the producers that helped Pitbull achieve this new sound are people like French DJ turned producer, David Guetta, Afrokack, Pollow Da Don, T-Pain (Who appeared on the album’s first single “(Hey Baby) Droop It To The Floor.”), Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Benny Blanco.

Also if “Give Me  Everything” is any indication of the mood of the rest of the album, the various features help Pitbull achieve a layered Melodic sound. Other than Ne-Yo and Neyer appearing on the current singles, some of the guests on the albm include, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Akon, Marc Anthony, Enrique Igelsias, and others. With a line up like that, there is sure to be something everyone can enjoy on the album.

The music video for “Give Me Everything” recently premiered on Vevo and has been featured on MTV Jams so far. It was directed by David Rousseau and features an appearance by singer Adrienne Bailon formerly of 3LW, and Disney Channel’s, The Cheetah Girls. If you have not already seen the video, take a look below. Pitbull’s Planet Pit is in stores on June 21st from Mr. 305/J. Records/RMG

Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer

From Planet Pit

Mr. 305/J. Records/RMG


Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo & Nayer

“Give Me Everything”

Dancing With The Stars