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A day after announcing the release of his debut album “All We Need,” Raury premieres the music video for his new single, “Friends.” The Duncan Winecoff-directed visual follows Raury on a road trip from Atlanta to Chicago, with friends (who he initially connects with through social media) joining him along the way.

“I’ve realized a lot in my 19-years of existence. Most importantly, I’ve found out that I’m a bit naive. Someday I do believe the human race will let go of all the very unimportant things that separate us from the bigger goal,” he says of “Friends.” “Everything you see in the video happened in real life. It was a special experience to have friends I talk to on Twitter be down to pick me up and ride with me to Chicago. I made more friends because of the video. Family and friends are a privilege to have and I don’t take them for granted. ”

Raury’s upcoming album, “All We Need,” which will feature “Friends” and first single “Devil’s Whisper,” will be released on Oct. 16 on LVRN/Columbia Records. Fans will be able to listen to the album before its release by attending the “All We Need” art exhibition and listening experience, taking place in four major cities (NYC, L.A., ATL, London) between September through October. One can gain access to one of the four events by pre-ordering “All We Need” using a special link (

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“All We Need” Tracklisting:
1. “All We Need”
2. “Revolution”
3. “Forbidden Knowledge” feat. Big K.R.I.T.
4. “Woodcrest Manor II”
5. “Cpu” feat. RZA
6. “Devil’s Whisper”
7. “Peace Prevail”
8. “Crystal Express”
9. “Love is Not a Four Letter Word”
10. “Her”
11. “Trap Tears” feat. Key!
12. “Mama”
13. “Kingdom Come”
14. “Friends” feat. Tom Morello

Listening Events:
Sept 25 – New York
Oct 5 – Los Angeles
Oct 8 – Atlanta
Oct 13 – London