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Watch Andre 3000 Channel Jimi Hendrix In New “All Is By My Side” Trailer!

Have you figured out that bio pics are all the rage yet? Well, if you need more proof, all you need to check out the brand new trailer for the new Jimi Hendrix bio flick Jimi: All Is By My Side. As previously reported, All Is  By My Side chronicles Jimi’s life and career between 1966 and 1967, following him as he makes that transition from his time as a backup guitarist at NewYork’s Cheetah Club, through his time working the London music scene, on to his iconic set at the Monterey Pop Festival.

From what we see, Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin of OutKast, channels Hendrix on a rarely seen level of excellence in his portrayal, and we have a sneaking suspension that award season will buzz about this constantly. The film is written and directed John Ridley of the Academy Award winning 12 Years A Slave. Plenty of buzz has already been built up by the film being premiered at several film festivals. Fans can expect its theatrical release in in September. We can’t wait!

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