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Warner Music Group Returns to YouTube


This week is reporting that Warner Music Group, home of such music industry staples like  Atlantic Records, Reprise Records and Warner Bros. Records will be returning its company’s videos to YouTube very soon. Warner pulled its content for all of its labels due to a licensing dispute with the video sharing site. Warner’s videos were pulled in December of 2008 when WMG, YouTube and YouTube’s parent company, Google could not come to an agreement for revenue sharing for  videos by Warner artists could . The videos were then quickly pulled from the site.This occured while the other major label distributors (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music & Publishing and The Disney Music Group of The Walt Disney Company) all continued to have a massive online presence via YouTube in 2009.

Now YouTube is going to be  getting back into the game with Warner Music Group. reports that CNet reported that Warner and YouTube,

“have managed to reach terms on most of the major issues”

This is refering to Warner’s continued arguing that it was not properly compensated for the videos used on YouTube. This is all coming out while News Corp plans to overhaul Myspace Video and have a closer relationship with video on demand site, News Corp has a steak in’s development, shared with NBC Universal and most recently Disney. It looks like the growth of Hulu allows the internet to become a bit more of an even playing field to help Warner Music Group relaunch talks with YouTube and Google. This is without a doubt going to help Warner’s labels get more of an online traction! Be on the look out to see the WMG videos return to YouTube within the next few weeks if not sooner