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Wale Is Hosting His Own Seinfeld Themed TV Show On TBS All Summer Long

Hey, do you remember our various mentions about rapper Wale’s love of Seinfeld? Well, to honor the recently released  Seinfeld themed The Album About Nothing , TBS has hired him to showcase the summer’s reruns of the show as part of his own show called Seinfeld Remix. The show, which started airing on TBS today, features his favorite moments blended together in his own original Seinfeld themed program.  It  will air all summer long. Check out Wale’s featured TBS promo in the post’s related media.

Cheers to TBS BTW. There was a time only a few years ago that we wouldn’t have even imagine a TV exec green lighting a show like this. It’s admittedly promotional, but from what we can see, this will introduce him to a new audience and make viewers smile in the process.  Enjoy!