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Wade Robson’s “Today” Interview Raises Questions About Michael Jackson And New Molestation Allegations

Wade Robson On NBC's "Today" Show

Wade Robson On NBC's "Today" Show

Wade Robson stopped the music world again this morning when he went on the “Today Show” to talk with Matt Lauer about Michael Jackson molestation allegations that he publically announced last week.  As we previously reported, Robson was a key witness in Jackson’s 2005 molestation trial.  As a result, Jackson’s then Lawyer Tom Mesereau has gone on record against Robson, indicating that these allegations are mad after both the trial and Jackson’s death as a way for Wade to benefit from the wealth of the Jackson Estate.  When talking with Lauer Wade addresses that perception, and explains that his reasons are based around a newly matured understanding of the sexual abuse that he claims to have consistently gone through. Wade credits much of this perspective to now being a father himself, and recognizing that he wouldn’t want the same behavior done to his son.  He goes on to call Michael Jackson a pedophile and a sexual predator.  It was an intense interview that is sure to have your attention.  Check it out below.

Matt Lauer Interviews Wade Robson

From: “Today”


Unfortunately because Robson was one of the leading star witnesses in Jackson’s defense in 2005, this is a topic that will probably raise suspicion and speculation for the rest of his like. We couldn’t help but be reminded of  that after reading the tral’s transcript that was exclusively obtained by TMZ. Read it below.  Robson paints a compelling picture, and TMZ raises some good questions.  What do you think?

Transcript Provided by TMZ

“–    Zonen:  Mr. Jackson would periodically kiss you.
—    Robson:  No
—    Zonen:  Periodically hug you?
—    Robson:  Yes
—    Zonen:  Touch you?
—   Robson:  Hug me.
—   Zonen:  Did he ever kiss your lips
—   Robson:  No
—   Zonen:  On occasions you stayed in bed with Mr. Jackson would you ever cuddle in bed?
—   Robson:  No
—   Zonen: Would you lie next to one another?
—   Robson: No
—   Zonen: Would you touch?
—   Robson:  No”