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Wade Robson’s New Michael Jackson Molestation Accusation Raises Suspicions

Choreographer Wade Robson has come forward with an accusation claiming that Michael Jackson molested him for a period of 7 years between the age of 7 and 14 years old.  Sources told TMZ that Robson’s accusation came in the wake of an anxiety that had been building since 2011. According to TMZ that anxiety manifested into a complete nervous breakdown in March of 2012. It caused him to need psychiatric therapy for several weeks.

TMZ reports that this breakdown has professionally stalled his career, causing him to break several contracts. Robson has reportedly told friends and family that he planned to file a lawsuit against the Michael Jackson’s estate.  All of this is significant because Wade Robson originally served as the lead star witness in support of Michael Jackson during the 2005 molestation trial.

In fact, it is because of Robson’s extremely passionate and consistent testimony that has created suspicion for Jackson’s former defense attorney Tom Mesereau. Mesereau discussed those concerns yesterday on TMZ’s daily web show TMZ live yesterday.  Check it out below.

Away from his association with Michael Jackson, Wade Robson has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry working with industry stand outs like Britney Spears, and *N Sync.  His first music work began as a child dancer in a series of videos for Michael Jackson in the early 90s.  Robson’s family has indicated to TMZ that although he hadn’t been working, he isn’t going after Jackson’s estate for financial reasons.   They’ve gone on record stating that he has “substantial savings.”

Tom Mesereau Talks Wade Robson Accusations with TMZ Live

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