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Viral Video Mash Up of *NSync’s “Girlfriend” & Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Inspires Pop Star Comparisons

Video Still From Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Music Video RBMG/Island Records/IDJMG

Video Still From Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" Music Video RBMG/Island Records/IDJMG

You tend to be able to find nearly anything on Youtube these days.  Well yesterday we found a video that seamlessly edits together what we in the office have been thinking of since Justin Bieber’s Full length version of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video was published back in May. An individual known to the world only by the user name RaheemDplaya04 has mashed Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” music video with the music video of *Nsync’s 2002 hit “Girlfriend” remix.  We found this to be an interesting and appropriate mix that was a a natural fit.

Belebiers will remember that the video promoted to them via social media had a noticeable shift in appearance and tone when the video’s directing duties were transfered from Colin Tilley to the video director known as “X”.  The redesigned full length version of “Boyfriend”, intentionally or not, comes off as  heavily influenced by *Nsync’s “Girlfriend” music video, directed by Marc Klasfeld.  X’s “Boyfriend” video direction  shows Bieber outside surrounded by dancers, and later sitting in various cars, singing to a girl that resembles his real girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Everything about the video from the kind of cars used, to the video’s lighting, and even in some ways the musical similarity make these two videos a perfect fit for this kind of mash up.  In our opinion, it also serves as a remarkable visual aid that allows audiences to take a closer look at the casual style comparisons that have already been made of Justin Timberlake, and Justin Bieber’s more grown up look that has come as part of him turning 18, as well as part of the marketing of his recently released Believe album.

Because of the way the editing was done, we feel like this kind of comparison has grown to be unavoidable. RaheemDplaya04 places them only frames apart from each other during the viewing experience.  Are we correct to point out this comparison?  In a lot of ways, thats going to have to be a matter of opinion. However, we do know that Timberlake was once in a bidding war with Usher to sign Bieber back in the day, so it is a fun notion that fans may want to think about.  We actually think the wont be able to help thinking about it after watching the video below.  We’re confident that you’ll find it entertaining.

Cheers to you RaheemDplaya04.  You did a great job.

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” VS *NSync’s Featuring Nelly

By RaheemDplaya04

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