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VH1 Goes “Behind The Song” With Ne-Yo: A Look At His Song Writing

Ne-Yo From VH1's "Behind The Music"

Ne-Yo From VH1's "Behind The Music"

As we mentioned to you last week, VH1 aired the second episode in the 15th anniversary season, yesterday September 23rd. That episode profiled acclaimed R&B singer/songwriter/producer turned Motown Records SVP of A&R, Ne-Yo. As Ne-Yo prepares to release his Motown debut, R.E.D. , Behind The Music tells his remarkable story of overcoming poverty, an abusive father, manipulative exgirlfriend, and a failed deal with Columbia Records. Ne-Yo emerged on the scene in 2005 as one of the first signings from Jay-Z as then president of Def Jam Records. However before linking up with Def Jam, Ne-Yo made a name for himself as a songwriter behind some big hits for other artists. Ne-Yo writing hits for others with production duo, Stargate as he would also came to be a leader in the R&B/Pop genre as an artist. One of those songs of his was “Irreplaceable” from Beyonce’s 2006 album, B Day. Behind The Music’s new online feature, Behind The song tells story behind Ne-Yo writing this timeless hit for Beyonce.

Behind The Song: Ne-Yo

“Beyonce Knowles’  ‘Irreplaceable'”


Beyonce Knowles

From B Day

Music World/Columbia Records

Other Key Songs Written By Ne-Yo For Other Artists


“Let Me Love You”

From Turning Point

J. Records/RMG



From A Girl Like Me

SRP/Def Jam Records/IDJMG

Paula Deanda Featuring The Dey

“Walk Away (Remember Me)”

From Paula Deanda

Arista Records/RMG

Mario Vazquez


From  Mario Vazquez

Arista Records/RMG

Beyonce Knowles

“Flaws And All” (Live)

From B Day (Deluxe Edition)/The Beyoncé Experience Live

Music World Music/Columbia Records

Rihanna Featuring Ne-Yo

“Hate That I Love You”

From Good Girl Gone Bad

SRP/Def Jam Records/IDJMG


“Take A Bow”

From Good Girl Gone Bad (Reloaded)

SRP/Def Jam Records/IDJMG

Jennifer Hudson


From Jennifer Hudson

19/Arista Records/RMG

Keri Hilson Featuring Ne-Yo And Kanye West

“Knock You Down”

From In A Perfect World

Mosley Music Group/Zone 4/Interscope Records


“Russian Roulette”

From Rated R

SRP/Def Jam Records/IDJMG

Keri Hilson

“Pretty Girl Rock”

From No Boys Allowed

Mosley Music Group/Zone 4/Interscope Records

Pitbull Featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack And Nayer

“Give Me Everything”

From Planet Pit

Polo Grounds/Mr. 305/J. Records/RMG

Ne-Yo has made a career for himself of being able to write music for some of the most talented and famous musicians/performers in the world. But last night’s Behind The Music highlighted one working relationship Ne-Yo has described as a dream come true. That experience was in spring of 2009 when the king of Pop, Michael Jackson called Ne-Yo with hopes to collaborate with him, Last night’s Behind The Music did a great job in showing how much of an impact MJ had as Ne-Yo as a musician and a music fan. Both Ne-Yo and his mother described how he learned how singers use their vocal ability by listening to MJ’s 1982 Thriller album cut, “The Lady In My Life.” The impact of that song in Ne-Yo’s life came full circle when Ne-Yo gave a fitting performance of that song as a tribute to Michael a week after his tragic death at the 2009 BET Awards . In the clips below you will find Ne-Yo describing what it was like to talk to and work with Michal Jackson about their intended future collaboration. You will then find the video of Ne-Yo’s BET Awards performance of Michael Jackson’s “The Lady In My Life”.

Ne-Yo Talks About Meeting/Working With Michael Jackson

From Behind The Music: Ne-Yo


“The Lady In My Life”
Michael Jackson Tribute
2009 BET Awards

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Michael Jaxkson

“The Lady In My Life”

From Thriller

Epic Records