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Usher Is Back Feb 4, 2008

Usher Is Back Feb 4, 2008

Usher Is Back Feb 4, 2008

By Matt Clizbe 

When preparing for the release of 2004’s mega hit Confessions, Usher had to deal with several high profile leaks of tracks that would eventually become the album we all know and still love today.  Well history is repeating itself for Usher a   nd creating quite the headache for promoters at Jive Records.  Thanks to the helping hand of technology, and the over eager attitudes of a handful of key radio DJs, notably from what appears to be clusters of Clear Channel stations, he is receiving a lot of unofficial buzz play.

When asked about it, Usher remarked that most of the leaked material will not be used for the actual album that has yet to be titled..

The leaking of songs is a fantastic example of song momentum and how it can change the pacing, release, and overall success of a specific album.  In fact 2004’s Confessions’ lead single and club staple, “Yeah” featuring Ludacris and Lil Jon wasn’t even intended to be on the album, until Lil Jon himself reportedly got the record some spin from DJs in Atlanta.  The Popularity of “Yeah” spread like a virus and Usher’s label was forced to do restructuring in the album’s track listings and marketing.  Will the same thing happen to this album?   Too early to tell, but here’s a taste.  Hit us up with the feedback.

One of the main songs leaked is called “Love In This Club” produced by Polow Da Don and features Young Jeezy.

“Love In This Club” Featuring Young Jeezy

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