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Jimmy Fallon Take Over Of NBC’s “Tonight” Show Better For Music Fans?

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NBC has announced that Jimmy Fallon will open his run as the host of “Tonight” show with actor Will Smith and the rock band U2 as guests.

NBC is debuting the Fallon regime on Feb. 17 at midnight following the Winter Olympics. It will slip into its regular slot following the local news a week later, with Seth Meyers inheriting “Late Night.”

Fallon’s take over of NBC’s “Tonight”  is something that we’ve been looking forward to since the news of him getting the gig hit was announced. In addition to being an entertaining and funny guy, he and his staff have woven the promotion of quality, timely and interesting music into the fabric of the show. Whether it was, Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young’s take on a variety of tunes that you’d never expect them to sing, major pop stars singing their tunes with him using music classroom instruments, or just being smart enough to have the legendary Roots crew as the house band, Jimmy and his team have always found a respectful way to make music headlines.

In part, Fallon can thank his superstar friend Justin Timberlake  for at least some of that notoriety. In the past JT and JF have used the “Late Night” platform to set huge trends that are in no way going to be forgotten. Some great examples are when Timberlake served as an extended musical guest in order to promote his mega hit album The 20/20 Experience, or when they regularly became instant viral sensations, performing the different installments of their surprise musical skit, “The History Of Rap.” That “Late Night” cultivated popularity led to the duo making music headlines beyond the show as well.  Back in August the whole music world watched as Fallon presented Timberlake with MTV’s Video Vanguard Award at the 2013 VMAS, and he has helped Timberlake establish his now beloved reputation on Saturday night Live by regularly appearing on SNL’s The Barry Gibb Talk Show Skit With him. When is the last time Jay Leno had that kind of boosting power?        

JT superstardom aside, we’ve continueally noticed that he’s regualy provided his stage to musical guests that have built a tastemaker acclaim, and are in need of a network TV break. Truthfully there are way to many examples to name, but some that come to mind are Tamar Braxton, Solange Knowles, and most recently, fresh Def Jam Signee ,Jhene Aiko. With the help of Fallon’s team Aiko  made her national television debut, performing her new single “The Worst”.

There is no way for us to know what he, U2, and Will Smith have in store for us in February, but we’re betting there will be something for us to talk about. Stay tuned. In the mean time check out the related “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Media below. Enjoy.

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