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Tori Kelly Discusses The Personal Connection Behind New Song “Hollow”

Tori Kelly at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Breakthrough Pop sensation Tori Kelly has released her new single “Hollow.” In her new tune she confesses and tries to come to terms with her personal insecurities . “I’m fragile and you know this / so hold me, wrap me in love/ fill up my cup / empty, and only your love could fill up my cup / because I’m hollow,” she sings, flaunting her vulnerable vocals.

Tori told the nationally syndicated “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“ radio show that the song “came to her in a crazy way.” After recording the tune she learned that it was written by her good friend Zac Poor, who’d be trying to get the song released for a while.

“For anyone to admit that they’re weak and that they need love and they need that space to be filled, I think that alone is such a vulnerable thing to admit that,” she says of the song’s message. “We all kind of want to let people know that we’re strong and we can do everything, and the reality is, we are weak sometimes.”

Check out the song below.

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