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Tony Parker: Injured By Chris Brown VS Drake Brawl And Suing For $20 Million

Tony Parker

Tony Parker

A lot happened when Drake and Chris Brown recently brawled at New York night club W.I.P. recently.  Several bystanders were injured by the glass bottles that were used by the two stars in the fight.  One of those bystanders was NBA and San Antonio Spurs star, Tony Parker. Several reports have indicated that Parker endured a serious eye injury from the glass that was used in the fight. reports that his retina was scratched, while TMZ claims that he “suffered lacerations to his cornea.”  Either way, his eye was seriously injured if either accounts are true.

TMZ is also reporting that Parker has now filed the lawsuit Thursday in NY State Supreme Court … against the W.i.P. Nightclub.  In the suit he alleges that the club’s security was negligent for allowing the incident to occur.  According to their report  Parker’s suit alleges that the club knew of the “bad blood between Drake and Brown,” and ignored the growing issue in hopes of having both of the music stars as their high paying customers.  The report says the club continued to sell the stars alcohol In spite of the fact that some involved were “visibly intoxicated.”

Apparently Parker’s injury is serious enough that it  could affect his NBA career, and has already effected his ability to participate in the Olympics with the French national basketball team.  Parker’s claim for $20 million is rooted in the possible fact that he is current negotiations with The Spurs for a $50 million could be impacted by his injury. Parker’s lawyer,David Jaroslawicz told TMZ that they are waiting on the results of the incident’s police investigation to determine if Chris Brown or Drake will be added to the suit.