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Timbaland Prepares To Shock Again



After breaking new ground for Pop music with his 2007 album, Shock Value Timbaland gets ready to shock again with the follow up to the blockbuster album! Talk about Shock Value II began when Timbaland was doing work on Madonna’s album, Hard Candy . Tim was hinting that one of his extra tracks with Madonna would be featured on his album. However due to Hard Candy’s poor commercial performance, Madonna and Timbaland had a falling out and the song was removed from the project. The project was then delayed so Tim could produce on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 which was released in September.  Away from Madonna, Timbaland expressed interest with the likes of The Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, Rihanna and even Beyojnce for this new album!

While those collaboration ideas are not confirmed or may not have materialized at all, the first single from the new project is “Morning After Dark” Featuring Nelly Furtado and new Mosley Music Group girl group, So Shy. Away from Timbaland himself, producers on this album include Jim Beanz, Danja, Polow Da Don and The Royal Court. Shock Value II is due in stores on

Here are the completed tracks intended for Shock Value II

“We Belong to the Music” (featuring Miley Cyrus)

“Long Way Down” (featuring Daughtry)

“Undertone” (featuring The Fray)

“Give It Up To Me” (featuring Shakira and Lil Wayne)

“Carry Out” (featuring Justin Timberlake)

“March On” (featuring OneRepublic)

“Symphony” (featuring D.O.E. & Attitude)

“If We Meet Again” (featuring Katy Perry)

“Can You Feel It” (featuring Esthero)

“Say Something” (featuring Drake)[

Maniac” (featuring Chris Brown & Keri Hilson)

“Morning After Dark” (featuring SoShy)

“Timothy” (featuring Jet)

Put Tomorrow in a Bottle” (featuring Nickelback)

“Talk” (featuring T-Pain, Missy Elliott and Lil Wayne)

“Meet In The Middle” (featuring Brandy)

“Crazy Girl” (featuring Justin Timberlake)

“Go Getta”

“Rumors” (featuring Keri Hilson & Jay-Z)