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#ThrowbackThursday: “You Were Meant For Me” by Jewel

by Sean Smith

Alaskan born singer/songwriter Jewel will be releasing her twelfth studio album tomorrow. The new album, titled Picking Up The Pieces, is meant to serve as a bookend to her breakthrough folk/pop debut album Pieces of You.

The material on Jewel’s new record comes closer than anything else she has released in the past twenty years to replicating the spirit, sound, and raw emotion that made her debut album the folk classic it remains today. Jewel took to her website in July to tell her fans what she was trying to accomplish with the new album.

My focus for this CD was to forget everything I have learned about the music business the last 20 years and get back to what my bones have to say about songs and words and feeling and meaning. I let go of genre, radio, trend, current events, and clever strategies. I let go of it all – which was no small feet as those voices are so deeply penetrating after 20 years of doing this professionally. It took real effort to clear my thoughts and have no rules and just create – going back to my folk/American roots that I began with.

Picking Up The Pieces was self-produced by Jewel and is being released via Sugar Hill Records at the same time that the singer/songwriter is also releasing her memoir, Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story, out Tuesday September 14. The memoir addresses all the intriguing events in Jewel’s early years, from growing up in Alaska, being homeless as a teenager, to performing on the streets of many a city across North America trying to earn enough cash to get herself to the next city. You can pre-order your copy of Never Broken here.

With Jewel’s new album Picking Up The Pieces being so similar in sound and feel to her debut Pieces of You, this week we take a moment to remember a single from that album, “You Were Meant For Me.”

Jewel released her debut album in February, 1995. The first single released in support of the album was “Who Will Save Your Soul”, which you can read more about in a 2013 edition of #tbt here. The first single performed well on the charts, reaching as high as the #11 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, The only thing left for Jewel to do after the success of “Who Will Save Your Soul” was to follow it up with another solid single, allowing her establish herself as more than just a one hit wonder. She was able to do that with “You Were Meant For Me”, which was released in November of 1996 as the second single off Pieces of You. The folk/pop song was co-written by Jewel with Steve Poltz, a fellow singer/songwriter who she was linked to romantically at the time. Poltz would play a further role with the song by appearing in the music video playing Jewel’s love interest. The video received three nominations at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, where it would win once for “Best Female Video”.

So in light of Jewel returning to her folk roots on her new album Picking Up The Pieces, and the release of her memoir Never Broken coming early next week; we take a moment to remember the second single from her debut album Pieces of You, “You Were Meant for Me”. Enjoy.



“You Were Meant For Me”


From: Pieces of You

Atlantic Records