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#ThrowbackThursday: Ice Cold Edition

Foreigner “Cold As Ice (1977) Atlantic Records

by Sean Smith

This week much of the United States was gripped in a deep freeze causing school closures, travel problems, and even a reported 16 deaths caused by the bitter cold temperatures that blanketed the country.

The Upper Midwest and Northeast parts of the country were some of the hardest hit areas with record low temperatures being recorded on Tuesday in the cities of Detroit, Cleveland, and New York City. But the frigid temps on Tuesday were not just confined to these places alone. According to CNN, all 50 states recorded temperatures below freezing somewhere in each state on Tuesday morning. With this being the case, I thought it would be appropriate for us to take a look back at a classic Foreigner song that we could all relate to this week, “Cold as Ice.”

In 1977 Foreigner released their debut self-titled album. The group was made up at the time of three Englishmen and three Americans, and came up with their band’s name due to the fact that where ever the group played at least half of them would be considered foreigners. “Cold as Ice” was the second single released from their debut album and charted as high as the sixth spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

The lyrics to the song speak to a lover more concerned with finding material riches than finding richness in love. Foreigner’s Mick Jones co-wrote the song with fellow band mate Lou Gramm, and in a 2009 interview with, spoke to the unusual inspiration behind the song.

“Well, “Cold As Ice” was written after watching the movie Mommy Dearest with Joan Crawford, and whimsical as it was, that was the inspiration. Subconsciously you draw from stuff, things that happened in your past, things that came out of relationships, the pain and the heartache of love that is intense and then so deep, and then suddenly you lose it. The whole gamut of emotional feeling that you go through in a relationship.”

So as we continue to thaw out from a bitterly cold start to the week, we remember the 1977 hit from Foreigner, “Cold as Ice” in this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday. Enjoy!


“Cold As Ice” (1977)

 Atlantic Records

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