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“Thriller” Girl Settles Lawsuit With Jackson Estate

Video Still From "Thriller" Music Video

Video Still From "Thriller" Music Video

The estate of late Pop music legend Michael Jackson has paid a total sum of $55,000 to Ola Ray. The  pay out is a result of a 2009 lawsuit filed against Jackson and his production company claiming breach of contract.  According to TMZ, Ray, who played Jackson’s love interest in his career defining music video, “Thriller”, claimed that she was still owed her share of profits related to the video’s success. The official word is that Ray settled with the Jackson estate for her $55,000 and an additional $20,000 for her lawyer.

The suit was reportedly brought against Michael only a month before his untimely, well publicized, and highly suspicious death.  However it is important to note that the “Thriller” video director John Landis had also filed a similar lawsuit.  He was reportedly awarded over $2 million.  Hopefully it’s all sorted out now and all parities involved can look back fondly on the landmark music video that many argue changed the direction of music video culture 30 years ago.

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