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Think MTV Tells “The Clizbeats Story “

The Clizbeats Story Featured on Think MTV!

The Clizbeats Story Featured on Think MTV!


As some of you may already remember, Craig and Matt Clizbe  have been hard at work on a special video shoot featuring Robin Thicke. The finished product of that shoot is what became, “The Clizbeats Story”! The Clizbeats Story is a mini-documentary telling the story behind and its creators, Craig and Matt Clizbe. It is produced by Clizbeats Productions Inc. and released by Think MTV! The story features appearances from Day 26 along with many other friends of Clizbeats from Bad Boy Records. Plus it features some other really cool celebrity cameos, that have been important to Clizbeats,and of course Robin Thicke! Take a few moments to head over to Think MTV and Enjoy “The Clizbeats Story”

The Clizbeats Story from Clizbeats Productions on Vimeo.