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The Story Of The Crash Motive

The Crash Motive

The Crash Motive

Check out Clizbeats Productions’ exclusive revealing look into the life of new rock band, The Crash Motive! Formerly known as Omnisoul, this band has already accomplished a great deal of success. Now as the band is at a new beginning getting ready to release their national debut album. The band’s front-man, Derek Fuhrmann opened up to Clizbeats about their story. Check It Out!!

Audio Feature Credits
Host: Matt Clizbe
Interviewers : Craig Clizbe & Matt Clizbe
Written By: Matt Clizbe
Produced, Mixed & Engineered by Craig Clizbe
Co-Production By Matt Clizbe
Graphic Imaging By: David M. Koch

Special Thanks:
The Crash Motive & David M. Koch