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The Story Of “Downtown Diddy”

Sean "Diddy" Combs On Downtown Abby

Sean "Diddy" Combs On Downtown Abby

Yesterday was full of meetings and appointments, so anyone that knows us knows that we were feeling swamped in covering all the headlines in the biz.  This was especially true after we started hearing about Twitter activity stating that Sean “Diddy” Combs would be joining the cast of the PBS hit Downtown Abby. Diddy himself even tweeted about the news himself. He said  the following.

That tweet was followed by a series of video still images uploaded to his Instagram, that show him in full period dress, and in some cases interacting with different cast members. It created a craze amongst his 8 million plus followers, and his “special announcement” was retweeted 1,257 times in a mater of hours. That lead to media coverage provided by websites like XXL Magazine, who promptly did a write up congratulating the Hip Hop mogul, which, as you can see from Combs’ Twitter, further excited both Hip Hop fans, and lovers of the show.

Then, at 304 AM on May 16th Combs tweeted the following to announce his debut.

Fans clicked on it and discovered that it was all part of a skit for the comedy website, Funny Or Die! He really had the world going!  Good for you Mr. Combs!  Check it out for yourself!  We’re betting you’ll love it! Click here.