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The New Sound of Superman, Jun 27, 2006

The New Sound of Superman

The New Sound of Superman

by Craig Clizbe

In case you haven’t heard already, one of the world’s most famous Superheroes is making a triumphant return to the big screen in a brand new way. The classic character of Superman is being introduced to a new generation this summer in Superman Returns. In this new film, director Bryan Singer (famous for X-Men, X2: X-Men United and the Fox TV hit House ) picks up when the original Richard Donner/Richard Lester films, Superman The Movie And Superman II left off, by discarding forgettable parts of the franchise to reinvent the story in a modern way.

Superman Returns’ takes place in a new Metropolis after Superman returns home from a search for the ruins of his native Krypton.

Upon his arrival home to the Earth after a five year absence, Superman realizes the world he left has moved on without him. The man of steel finds himself at his weakest in this film more than ever. He returns alone, isolated and emotionally lost when he describes Krypton as nothing more than a “graveyard”, and his beloved Lois Lane has been driven into the arms of another man. This is a film that creates challenges difficult even for Superman to surmount when the foundation of what he holds dear in his world is gone. Not even the man of steel has enough power to heal a broken heart. Therefore this film poses the question that we all can relate to, how can someone depended on by so many not have anyone to lean on during his most confusing times?

As many blockbusters have done in the past, Superman Returns uses the power of music to enhance the key emotional scenes of the movie. The film’s score is by composer, John Ottman Even though, Ottman may have his own ideas of what Superman Returns may sound like, the sound that have been associated with Superman for years is still very alive and well The Score is very much of an adaptation of the original score by John Williams for the original 1978 movie.

One thing that is different musically this time around is a second movie soundtrack released by Rhino Entertainment. The new CD, The Sound Of Superman is a compilation of up and coming Emo-Alternative bands who have all contributed songs inspired by Superman Returns Since Emo is quite a departure from the heroic John Williams score, The Sound Of Superman has its ups and downs throughout the CD. But some tracks that truly add to the emotion of this film’s direction include, “The Rescue” by American Hi-fi, The Spill Canvas “Saved” and Paramore’s cover of The Foo Fighter’s, “My Hero”. Another interesting surprise we find in this compilation is that Brandon Routh’s (Superman/Clark Kent in Superman Returns) sister Sara Routh is also a featured singer/songwriter on the compilation with her song, “You’re Never Gone.”

When asked about the Emo sound’s contribution to the film, director, Bryan Singer told MTV…

“He’s a bit more vulnerable, at least coming into the movie. Its sort of a story of reclamation, finding your place ĶHe can do all these incredible things, but he can’t quite figure out how to fit in… and then its even more aggravated by the fact he’s Clark Kent. He’s got this sideline view of what Lois Lane thinks of Superman, he sees it everyday… I think that appeals to this kind of romanticism, and the music on the inspired by album celebrates this kind of romanticism.”

The New Sound of Superman

The New Sound of Superman

Here is the complete track listing for The Sound Of Superman

Track Listing

1. The Academy Is. “Superman” (The Clique/R.E.M. cover)
2. Plain White T’s “It’s So Easy” (original)
3. The Sun “(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman” (The Kinks cover)
4. Motion City Soundtrack “The Worst Part.” (original)
5. The Films “Sunshine Superman” (Donovan cover)
6. Maxeen “Save Me” (original)
7. Paramore “My Hero” (Foo Fighters cover)
8. American Hi-Fi “The Rescue” (original)
9. The Spill Canvas “Saved” (original)
10. Jack’s Mannequin “Meet Me At My Window” (original)
11. Nightmare Of You “Waitin’ For A Superman” (The Flaming Lips cover)
12. The Receiving End Of Sirens “Superman” (Stereophonics cover)
13. Royal “Brainiac’s Daughter” (Dukes of Stratosphear cover)
14. Sara Routh “You’re Never Gone” (original)

Be on the look out for The Sound Of Superman as well as The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Superman Returns. Superman Returns is in theatres June 28th. Click here for the trailer.