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The Context Behind Psy’s Anti-American Remarks



Music fans that watched TNT’s broadcast of Christmas In Washington on Sunday night got the chance to lose themselves in the holiday music, and a night of fun.  The show featured performances by artists like Diana Ross, Demi Lovato, Voice contestant, Chris Mann, and K-Pop sensation,and possessor of the the catchiest song of the year, Psy.  In fact Psy’s medley of “The Christmas Song” and his hit “Gangnam Stlye” was considered by many as one of the show’s highlights.  Unfortunately for him, the attention didn’t stop there.

Just as Psy’s world wide fame began with the assistance of Youtube, now, so too has his newly developed international Infamy.  It has been widely reported that anti- American performance video’s of the pop sensation have began circulating the web.  The    2 controversial performances occurred in 2002 and 2004.  According to TMZ, the song in question from 04 is called “Dear Americans”. In It Psy is translated to be saying the lyrics, “”Kill those f*cking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives.”

He continues, “Kill those f—ing Yankees who ordered them to torture … Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers … Kill them all slowly and painfully.”

Psy promptly apologized when the news of his performances came to the surface on Friday.  In his apology he explained that the performances were  an emotionally charged reaction to events from the Iraq war that resulted the brutal slaying of a South Korean hostage by Iraqi insurgents.  At the time those events created an American sentiment in South Korea.

After he explained that context, he went on to say, “I understand the sacrifices American servicemen and women have made to protect freedom and democracy in my country and around the world.”

PSY continued: “While I’m grateful for the freedom to express one’s self, I’ve learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted. I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused by those words.”

“Dear America,” was written by the South Korean rock band N.E.X.T., and PSY.  To date, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” is the most viewed video in Youtube history.  To check out the infamous “Dear America” performance, click here!