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The Backstreet Boys Return To To Music Stores This Week With “In A World Like This”

Backstreet Boys “In A World Like This” K-BAHN/BMG Rights Management

Well guys the time has come for our friends the Backstreet Boys to release their new album! That album we are talking about of course is called In A World Like This, which hits stores officially tomorrow. (July 30th!) Clizbeats fans will remember Nick Carter first began dropping hints about the album’s title track (written by Max Martin) that went on to become the first single, in our exclusive interview back in May. The video for that song was recently released and is getting a lot of people talking about some of the powerful visuals that match the song’s message. The video that was first premiered on ABC’s Good Morning America is based on the song lyrical content about how love of all types conquers all.

Backstreet Boys

“In A World Like This”

From:  In A World Like This

K-BAHN/BMG Rights Management 

This theme is framed around three couples who are living in a house at different points in time. These couples are seen together during important milestones in American history. During the historic events little details about the house change, but the most notable thing in the house that does change with the time period is the television. This is because these events are all seen on TV as they experience them together. The first of these was the moon landing by Apollo 11 in July of 1969, the second was the attacks on The World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001, and the overturn of Prop 8 in November of 2008. The events that these couples go through together are groundbreaking, tragic, and joyous. They show how the world these couples live in has changed so much in such a short time. No matter what was being felt when these events occurred, all of these events were all experienced with loved ones around. It reminds us all just how much we could make it through in life, if we had the right person beside them.

We encourage you to check out this memorable video for the new album’sfirst single, and be sure to check out the rest of the it tomorrow! It features production by Martin Terefe (Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”, Train “Hey Soul Sister”) and Dan Muckala who collaborated with them on their previous albums Never Gone, (2005) and Unbreakable (2007). BSB fans will also enjoy knowing that a large majority of the album was also co-written by the Boys themselves, including Kevin Richardson who returns to the group on this album. The album is already selling really well in Japan where it was already released on July 24th. As we have mentioned in previous related posts the guys will be touring to support the album for the remainder of the summer will continue to do so through October. Jesse McCartney and DJ Pauley D will be joining them as opening acts.

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