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Teddy Riley Introduces Final Draft

Final Draft

Final Draft

Teddy Riley is a world renowned musical genius who has penned hits for artists such as Bobby Brown, R. Kelly, Lady Gaga and the late great Michael Jackson, as well as for his own groups that he was a part of, including Guy and Blackstreet, respectively.  In addition to winning numerous Grammy Awards for his works with a variety of artists, including most recently Lady Gaga’s “Teeth,” the renowned “King of New Jack Swing” has crossed all musical genres and helped to create music resulting in the sale of more than 100 million albums worldwide. His discography alone is something that is virtually unheard of in the music industry.  He has sole or shared writing credits on more than 460 songs, most recently the Michael Jackson singles “Hollywood Tonight” and “Monster,” produced 10 platinum albums and at least 22 platinum and 11 gold singles.

Teddy Riley has never put his name behind a group that he wasn’t a member of… until now.  When he heard Final Draft, he knew this was a project that he had to be a part of and deserved his stamp of approval.

“These guys are amazing and definitely what the industry is in need of,” says Teddy, adding that Final Draft “ is a force to be reckoned with and will have all kinds of endorsement opportunities based on their look and talent alone.”

And with the support of his different Korean branding companies, he has decided to use the Korean market as branding outlets and opportunities for Final Draft.  Riley expressed his excitement over the Final Draft project and has promised to take them all the way to the top and make them not only nationally known, but internationally known as well

.“Final Draft will be the number 1 guy group in the U.S,” Riley declares. With Final Draft’s single “Do It” picking up spins on the radio, Teddy promises to come in and put 100 percent behind this project.  With his direction, skills and expertise, Final Draft can go nowhere but up.

Final Draft is a five-guy group comprised of members Fashun, Voice, D-Nyce, Lucky and Divine.  These young guys are known as the Fab Five and have been taking the musical industry by storm with their dashing good looks, dazzling stage presence and dynamic vocal abilities.  They are, without a doubt, the new standard bearers for R&B male groups.

On Tuesday, June 21st, Teddy Riley invites you to experience the Final Draft movement with a press party event.

Final Draft Featuring Yung Joc & J-Bar

“Do It”

Earl Jam/EMG/Universal Music Group