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#TBT Interview: Atlantic Records’ Craig Kallman Talks About “Space Jam” Soundtrack

The Space Jam soundtrack included the film’s hit theme song “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly.

This week’s #Throwback Thursday (July 30, 2015) was a special one that honored the unofficial 75th birthday of Bugs Bunny. This past Monday was the anniversary of Bugs’ first appearance in the historic Merry Melodies cartoon short, A Wild Haire back in 1940. To help celebrate the occasion we took the time to talk about the soundtrack to one of Bugs Bunny’s most notable film appearances, 1996’s Space Jam. That #TBT post, that told the story behind R. Kelly’s smash hit, “I Believe I Can Fly” also featured a very cool 2011 interview clip from the Clizbeats archives.

In this Clizbeats special interview presentation, we talk to Space Jam’s soundtrack producer, Craig Kallman of Atlantic Records. In the audio clip below hear the now chairman/CEO of Atlantic discuss his goals when crafting the sound of the album in an effort to add a layer to the animated basketball film  In case you missed the interview’s original run in Sean Smith’s #TBT column, we are happy to share it with you here! Take a listen to the clip below!

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Hosted And Written By:: Matt Clizbe

Interview By Craig and Matt Clizbe

Produced By Craig Clizbe, Matt Clizbe And Sean Smith

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Special Thanks: Craig Kallman , Ashley Kalmanowitz  Atlantic Records, Anna Marie Azocar and “Hollywoodd Dots”