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#ICYMI: Taylor Swift’s Team And Calvin Harris Respond To Radar Online’s Break Up Article

Taylor Swift

Radar Online’s report of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’ alleged massage parlor inspired break up has become one of the fastest moving stories on the gossip blogs. But you know with all the stories being shared all over the Internet, you can’t believe everything you read. Apparently Taylor Swift’s team feels the same way. Taylor’s publicist, Tree Pain took to Twitter yesterday to respond to these reports about her client’s personal life. “I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, do not believe Radar Online.”


This tweet comes after Calvin Harris threatened legal action against the gossip web site for publishing the story. No matter if the story, all the details will eventually reveal themselves. But we should know by now that all we really have to do to hear what really happened is wait for the next Taylor Swift album to drop. Just kidding Taylor! Seriously though, let’s wait and see what happens before we all start writing things like we know the whole story.