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All Taylor Swift’s 8 Best Revenge Songs & Who They’re About

Taylor Swift In “Bad Blood” Music Video

By Shannon Carlin

Taylor Swift once said there’s nothing she does better than revenge. Taking a closer look at her discography, it’s hard to argue with her.

From vintage loving boyfriend stealers to grouchy critics who just don’t think she can sing to a rapper who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut at awards shows, no one is safe from Swift’s pen, which has no problem jotting down a few poisonous insults to help enact some sweet revenge.

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No one can forget all those lousy ex-boyfriends of her that got their very own songs. From the one who’s just a little too indie for his own good to her high school crush who was too protective of his truck, everyone gets their dirty laundry hung out to dry.

Perhaps the best part about listening to Swift take shots in song form is trying to figure out who exactly the song is aimed at. Swift has always tried to keep the subject of her revenge songs on the down low, revealing hints here and there that eventually help her fans crack the code. “Dear John”? Yeah, we never thought it was about anyone else but rumored fling John Mayer, sorry Tay. But even Swift has trouble keeping mum about those songs that are intended to inflict a bit of emotional and psychological pain. Hello, “Innocent,” which Swift made very clear was about Kanye West.

In honor of her ability to take justice into her own hands and then bring it into the studio where it eventually becomes a smash hit, has come up with a list, in no particular order, of her very best revenge songs and who they’re about. Click Here to check it out!