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Taylor Swift Named International Ambassador To New York City!

Last week Pop/Country mega star Taylor Swift released her latest single “Welcome To New York “ in preparation for this week’s release of her hotly anticipated 1989 album. Well, according to, the official tourism and marketing site for the big apple, Ms Swift is now officially serving as the city’s international ambassador.   Although all of the details related to  this new position haven’t been spelled out, we do know that the “Shake It Off” singer, and newly established NYC resident will rep the city in series commercials used to attract tourists.   In the commercials, Swift, who moved to town this past summer, will give tips to non New Yorkers and new residents, about what kind of cool things they can do about town.

“I’m still learning, but I’m so enthusiastic about this city that when I love something, I’m very vocal about it,”Swift told GMA. “New York was a huge landscape for what became this album. It’s affected my life in ways I’m not even aware of fully.”

In a snippet of one commercial that was teased on GMA, Swift explains that Houston Street is not pronounced like the city of Houston, Texas. It’s actually pronounced like “House-ton.” So there you go.”

Considering the fact that Taylor isn’t the celebrity you may most immediately think of when you think of New York, its understandable why some may be critical, but it seems to fall in line with the outspokenness of the 24 year old’s maturing personality, and the theme of her new album. Taylor spoke more about her 1989 album with CBS’s while on the phone, not from New York But Nashville in a recent interview. Click here for more.