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Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Show Off Their Puppy Love In Everything Has Changed Music Video

Video Still From "Everything Has Changed" Music Video

Video Still From "Everything Has Changed" Music Video

Following this week’s CMT Awards, Taylor Swift is fueling rumors of her romantic interest in long time friend and collaborator Ed Sheeran.  This is because on Wednesday her label Big Machine Records published the official music video to their Red single “Everything Has Changed.” You really can’t help but describe it as a cute scenario that shows child likenesses of them meeting each other on the way to elementary school.  The video then follows through out their friendship in different settings, and watches them as their puppy love romance grows.  It truly has an “aww” factor that almost forcibly makes you recall things like, what you were like at that age, and what your first crush was.  At least it was that way for us.

It invokes an element of nostalgia that makes the video some great viewing, and it even has a nice twist at the end. As far as Taylor actually being romantically linked to Ed, we have no idea.  All we can say is, they’ve been friends, collaborators, and Taylor has a history of have song concepts that are inspired by her real life relationships. Of course they could also be using thi child romance theme to illustrate how much is about to ot already has changed during that innocent time in life. That too would also make sense for a song called “Everything Has Changed.”  We’re betting you’ll see what we mean. Take a look and you can decide for yourselves. Enjoy.

Taylor Swift Featuring Ed Sheeran

“Everything Has Changed”

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