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Take A Second Look At Justin Timberlake’s Inspirational “Inovator” Speech

One of the most powerful moments from Sunday night’s IHeart Radio Music Awards came when Justin Timberlake gave an inspirational acceptance speech for his “Innovator” award. In that speech JT took quotes from Steve Jobs and President, Theodore Roosevelt and applied them to his life, in an effort to inspire the youth. His words really hit home for anyone who has a dream and was ever told that they are different or weird. Justin made it clear that there was a time, when he too felt that way growing up. We know we are a couple days late on this, but his words were so touching to us that we still consider it a huge priority for any dreamer to hear this speech if you haven’t already. We did intend to post this earlier, but there were many times when Clear Channel had it removed from YouTube due to copyright claim. However, here it is now! We are publishing the official version from the NBC YouTube channel. The cut that you will see starts after Tom Ford’s introduction. That introduction included a testimonial video that included interviews with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Neil Barrett, Trace Ayala, Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, Lorne Michaels, Taylor Swift, Johnny Wright, Rick Rubin, and Marty Kudelka. The video clip that hypes Justin up is really cool, but its Justin’s touching words that really brought it home. It is a must see!