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Superbowl Blackout Due To Faulty Equipment Not Illuminati

Beyonce Throwing Up "The Roc Sign"

Beyonce Throwing Up "The Roc Sign"

While we were working on our previous post related to Beyonce’s fantastic Superbowl halftime show, we couldn’t help but see the rumors that surrounded the singer, stating that she was the cause of the infamous black out that happened during the beginning of last night’s  3rd quarter.  It is understandable that a 35 minute power outage during one of the biggest media events of the entire year would make a lot of people uneasy.  Perez Hilton said it best by saying that it seemed like the work of a Batman villain.  However, it feels equally unsettling to see, that when the mishap happened, one of the biggest stories across social media is that it was related to the work a secret society that many have characterized as The Illuminati.

The popular rumor going around is that When Beyonce did the diamond symbol with her hands while singing the words, “This rock I’m rocking” with Destiny’s Child during their performance of “Independent Women Part 1”, she was flashing a signal to the secret society to start “Operation Darkness”.  We have to agree with Perez here and say that that is just silly.  After reading the statement released by Roger Goodell, we’re betting he thinks so too.

“There’s no indication at all that this was caused by the halftime show” Goodell, said. “I know that’s been out there. … That is not the case from anything we have at this point.”

What apparently was the case, was faulty electrical equipment, nothing more.  Beyonce was using a hand signal made popular by her husband Jay-Z, who uses it as a sign language symbol to reference and celebrate prosperity and dominance over doubters and competitors.  Because she is his wife, and one of only three woman to ever command the Superbowl Halftime by herself, she decided to enjoy the moment, and throw up the diamond too.  It’s probably just that simple.

Those of you who believe differently have every right to.  We just ask that you keep in mind that even though secret societies historically exist, any secret worth keeping wouldn’t be based on principles popularized through social media. Most of the popular rumors surrounding The Illuminati, are perversions of who they were historically known as in ancient times. Therefore, its probably a good rule of thumb that if it’s trending on Twitter is the worst kept secret ever.