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Studies Show Dumb People Listen to Beyonce and Lil Wayne ?

Beyonce & Lil Wayne

By Philip Cosores

We all like to think of ourselves as smart (probably?), but anyone that went to high school knows there is a definitive test formulated to tell us how smart we all are: the SATs. And while there is plenty of grounds to discredit the SATs as the sole measurement of our mental worth (that’s why we joined The Key Club to get into college), one software application writer has used the test and Facebook music likes to tell us once and for all what is music for smart people and what is music for less-than-smart people.

The creator of this handy chart, Virgil Griffith, is less kind with his wording, deeming certain music for smart people and other artists for “dumb people.” So where does your favorite band or classical composer fall on the spectrum? Good news if you rock Beethoven, Sufjan StevensRadiohead, and Bob Dylan. Bad news if you listen to Lil WayneBeyonce, Gospel music, T.I., or The Used.

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