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(Columbia Records; New York, NY; November 4, 2016)  Songwriter, recording artist and activist Solange Knowles will release physical copies of A Seat at the Table art book coupled with special album bundles.  A Seat At The Table, the stunning new album written and performed by Solange Knowles, debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart and was #1 on both Apple Music and iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart. Released globally on September 30th, 2016 via Saint Records / Columbia, A Seat At The Table, is available digitally everywhere.

The handsome art book features design by Solange Knowles as well as color photographs of Solange by photographer Carlota Guerrero. Originally, Solange announced the album on Monday, September 26th to 86 fans who signed up for her new website by mailing them hand-bound, hardcover editions of the art book. After release date, fans were able to download a digital version here: and now fans can purchase the special bundle which will allow them to own a physical copy of the book.

Bundles are available for pre-order now. Fans can choose from four options: the standalone physical copy of the book; a copy of the book coupled with digital album; a copy of the book coupled with a cd (pre-order only; available on November 18th) or a copy of the book with a double vinyl LP (pre-order only; available December 9th).

Purchase & pre-order book bundles here:
Purchase stand alone digital album here:
Pre-order stand alone cd here:
Pre-order stand alone vinyl here:
Pre-order stand alone limited edition purple vinyl here:

Solange describes A Seat At The Table, which she began writing in 2013, as “a project on identity, empowerment, independence, grief and healing.”  See all album credits here:

Celebrated for her artistic and creative vision, Solange released are two stunning visuals accompanying the album: videos for “Cranes in the Sky” “Don’t Touch My Hair” ft. Sampha. “Cranes In The Sky” has over 5million views and “Don’t Touch My Hair” has over 7.5million views. Both visual properties were directed by Solange Knowles, and her husband, Alan Ferguson and produced by Eli Cane. Watch “the Cranes in the Sky” Official Video above.  Watch the “Don’t Touch My Hair” video below.


“Don’t Touch My Hair”

From: A Seat At The Table

Saint/Columbia Records

Recently, Solange spoke alongside Melissa Harris-Perry at Stanford University with esteemed hip-hop podcast, Microphone Check, hosts Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Frannie Kelley to broaden public conversation around music and culture. She will next appear as the musical guest on NBC’s Saturday Night Live on November 5th.

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