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SNL host Andrew Garfield Learns Never To Diss Beyonce

By Andrew McMahon 

The latest episode of Saturday Night live was hosted by Andrew Garfield, the star of the new film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Garfield was a goofy and entertaining host, and starred in one of the most unique and entertaining skits SNL has done in a while.

In an Adjustment Bureau esque parody trailer, titled Beygency, Garfield is hunted down by men in black suits for stating his disinterest for Beyonce song “Drunk in Love.” The sketch pokes fun at the rabid fan base that surrounds superstar artist, and is laced with puns and choreography related to the Queen Bey.

Garfield’s performance in this skit alone seems more then enough to bring him back when promoting the future third installment in The Amazing Spider-Man saga, especially after the film kicked off the summer with a 92 million dollar opening weekend!. If you’d like to see the Beygency  skit for yourself  just check down below, but be wary of what you say about it, or the Beygency will find you.

Andrew Garfield

“The Begency” (SNL Digital Short)

From Saturday Night Live 


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