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Shakira Debut’s Steamy Music Video For “Addicted To You”

Video Still From Shakira's "Addicted To You"

Video Still From Shakira's "Addicted To You"

Latin hip shaking international Pop sensation Shakira is turning many heads across the Blogisphere with the release of her  latest music video.  The super hot clip that all of us are addicted to is for the fifth single from her seventh studio album, Sale El Sol.  The song was officially released as a single via the singer’s website back in March.  Naturally thanks to her compelling visual attributes, a truly inspired music video wasn’t far behind.

Well, after much anticipation, The Anthony Mandler directed video finally made its official premiere yesterday.  We took a look at it, and we couldn’t be happier with what we saw.  We have a feeling there is going to be a large population of men out there that will agree with us.  Take a look at it below and see what you think. Oh yeah, the song is actually pretty cool too. Enjoy!


“Addicted To You”

From: Sale El Sol

Epic Records