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Seacrest Sets Record Straight On “Watch The Thrown” Release Date


Jay-Z & Kanye West

Rumors have been swirling around the web this week about the possible leaking or release of collaboration album, Watch The Thrown by rap superstars  Jay-Z & Kanye West occurring for the 4th of July Holiday.  As a result, highly connected entertainment broadcaster Ryan Seacrest took it upon himself to reach out to both of the artists representatives to clear details up on the release date.  After checking with the source, Seacrest reports that that rumor is in fact false.  While fan’s can expect to hear new music from them on the 11th of July, the “Watch The Thrown Album is due for release some time in August with a tour  expected to follow.  As soon as we have more info on this album that is now two years in the making, we will be sure to share it.