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Scooter Braun And Usher Talk “Believe” Movie Drama With Ryan Seacrest

“Believe” Movie Poster

Justin Bieber has had so much going on even in the past few days that trying to think it all through in order to explain it to you all makes our heads spin. A great example of that very craziness can be seen when the teen star sat down with the Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show. Not only did he state that he was going to retire, and nearly blow up the web in the process, but he also revealed that one of his latest songs “All That Matters was written about his former celebrity girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber 

“All That Matters”

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Even though the song is inspired by sadness, it was nice to see him get a major press blitz based on his music career and not some ridiculous antics. Unfortunately, whether it was graffiti, a monkey, trouble with the ladies, or, a few other things you could choose from, Bieber has spent more of 2013 dealing with drama than being the artist we were introduced to only a few years earlier.

According to Justin’s Manager Scooter Braun, dealing with those dramas is what lead to the narrative direction behind the pop star’s new documentary film Believe.Braun, and fellow Bebier mentor Usher, sat down with Ryan Seacrest on his nationally syndicated radio show to talk about everything that’s gone on with the young star recently, and what it could mean for both his career and his life. In an in-depth fashion Braun notably explained that he hopes the movie will give people a perspective about Justin’s life that puts the many antics he’s been living through into a clearer context. There’s no way of knowing if the movie accomplishes the goal, but we will say that the most recently released trailer did an fantastic job catching our attention.  Watch the trailer and then check out Seacrest’s interview and see if you agree with our take on things.

Justin Bieber’s Believe Trailer

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