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“Saved By The Bell” Exec Wants Justin Bieber To Play Zack Morris

Image Via NBC Productions/Facebook

Famed Saved By The Bell exec Peter Engel wants Justin Bieber to play Mark-Paul  Gosselaar’s star making role of Zack Morris. Engel told TMZ about his plans to reiboot NBC’s iconic teen sitcom from the 80’s and 90s into a “High School Musical” style remake, presumably with singing interwoven into the plot. Little else is known about this updated version of “Bell.” Will  Engel’s  make TV movies like High School Musical, or a  full on series, that would almost be like a blend of CW’s Beverly Hills 90210 reboot, and Fox’s Glee. 90210’s reboot aired for 5 seasons, and Glee lasted 6.  Both were hits in the ratings, and Glee in particular had a huge impact on the Teen music market.

Bieber, now 23, has many demands related to his music career, and many seem to think he’s too old to play the role as fans remember it.  However, Glee had older cast members playing teens when they debuted. Therefore, it might be a surprise move to make, but, at least for now, it seems doable.

Although it gained traction after being retooled for NBC’s Saturday morning programming, Saved By The Bell was initially launched  by The Disney Channel in 1987 under its original title Good Morning Miss Bliss.  High School Musical sparked a teen pop explosion when it debuted on Disney Channel in January of 2006. Bieber or not , if done correctly, this could be a good opportunity for music on TV.