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Ryan Tedder Talks Adele’s New Single At The Grammys

Ryan Tedder At The 2012 Grammys

Ryan Tedder At The 2012 Grammys

If it seems like all the good music news is still coming from this past weekend’s Grammy Awards, here is another good reason why. OneRepublic front-man and Grammy Award winning song writer/producer, Ryan Tedder  talked openly to The Hollywood Reporter and together while on the red carpet at The Grammys on Sunday. In this cool interview Ryan talks about how proud he was of Adele, and how significant it was for an artist like her to have such a big impact on radio with her album. He goes on to say how he was excited that one of the songs that he co-wrote and produced was chosen as the next single from the album. That single will be the thumping anthem, “Rumor Has It.” The song’s popularity hit our radar when it began to gain spins at Triple A radio back in October. Now that the song as the song is gaining buzz as the latest smash from the biggest album of 2011, Ryan Tedder can add another future hit single to his resume.

Away from his acclaimed work with his band, OneRepublic, Tedder has become one of the most accomplished song writer/producers in the business. Aside from Adele, other remarkable vocalists Tedder has had a hand in producing include Beyonce Knowles, Jordin Sparks, Leona Lewis and many others. In fact, Ryan talks about his work on Gavin Degraw’s latest single, “Not Over You” as well. Take a look at the video and also get to know Ryan’s perspective on building an artist in the digital era. Check it out!

Ryan Tedder Talks To Billboard/Hollywood Reporter At The Grammys

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