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Rock Freelancer Builds OneRepublic



By Matt Clizbe

Lately the world seems to be on an increscent search for the next big thing in music, trying to simultaneously fill the forever needy void of art and commercialism. However, while we are off trying to make the perfect band or on a quest to find the next lack luster American Idol, there are times when the talent is right out in front of us and we are too caught up to see it. One of the best examples of this is singer song writing styles of Ryan Tedder.

Like American Idol today, Tedder was discovered through the combined assistance of Lance Bass and MTV’s TRL back in 2000. Thanks to the making the band like project put together by Bass and MTV to find the best of the music worlds talent, looking in what they describe to be unlikely places Tedder was found in Colorado. The effort was for the intentions of Bass’s music production company Freelance Entertainment. While the concept was tried and true and continues to be used today, the Freelance show and contest did not last. The Freelance special featured a synergistic combo of Online video and performances, the use of a highly rated music oriented television show, (TRL) and the special itself focused on the development of singer and group talent in hopes of a record deal provided by Lance Bass. Through the Freelance Entertainment special, Ryan Tedder came down to the top 5 of the finalists. Unfortunately, the public seemed to fall out of love with the Lance Bass fronted project before Ryan’s potential could be realized.

As the show faded so did the public’s knowledge of Tedder and their eagerness to hear his music. That may have been the best thing that ever happened to him. While the loss of TV support is the often the end for most artists, Tedder’s talent shown through and his career was just beginning. While recently teaming up with Timbaland, for the super producer’s Shockvalue record, Tedder’s writing credits also include work with the likes of Bubba Sparkx, Christina Millian, Hillary Duff, and others. It is through this high profile work that Tedder was able to gain the attention and respect of both Timbaland and Sony BMG as he joins up with fellow musicians Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Brent Kutzle & Drew Brown to form the band OneRepublic.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about OneRepublic is that they breath new life into the Alternative genre, even though Lead singer and primary contributor Ryan Tedder’s established work has been very pop & hip hop oriented. Collectively OneRepublic claims that their influences range everywhere from The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Magnet, Radiohead, U2, Tori Amos, Another Bad Creation, The Verve The Cure, & others. Influences aside they are just plain interesting. Their sound is refreshing and perfect for the iPod world we live in.

Tedder has come a long way and is proof that true talent can get its due even if nearly a decade to be realized. OneRepublic is preparing for their self titled debut to be released late this year. If you need a taste of what they have to offer you can go to for full album clips or check them out on Timbaland Presents Shockvalue. Stay with Clizbeats for more on this fascinating band as it develops.

OneRepublic – Apologize

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