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Robin Thicke Apologizes To His Wife In New Song “Get Her Back” Live On The Billboard Music Awards

Robin Thicke Winning “Best R&B Song” For “Blurred Lines” at The 2014 Billboard Music Awards

Robin Thicke made headlines last week when TMZ got their hands on the lyrics to the new song he would be premiering on Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. That song, “Get Her Back” has lyrics that serve as a public apology to his estranged wife, Paula Patton. Our readers will remember that Robin and Paula announced their separation in February after being married since 2005, and being together for 20 years.

When TMZ published some of the lyrics to “Get Her Back” they sparked a debate about if Robin was using the public spotlight to get the public on his side so they can pressure Paula to get back with him. However if you are a regular Clizbeats reader you will know that the song’s lyrics come as no surprise to us, and that we believe the song is nothing more than Robin doing what Robin does best. Over the years we have reported about just how much Paula serves as strong inspiration for the majority of Robin’s 6-album discography. In many cases Paula has been a character in Robin’s songs who has developed more as the two of them grew together. With that said, it also comes as no surprise that Robin gave a sincere thank you to Paula when his award for best R&B song for “Blurred Lines” last night. During his brief speech Robin thanked Paula by saying “Most importantly, I’d like to thank my wife for her love and support and for putting up with me all these years,”

At the end of February we published an article that highlights some of the best songs that tell the story of Robin and Paula’s romance through the years. CLICK HERE to check that out! If you already know those songs, you can hear Robin’s new song added to that list below!

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“Get Her Back” 

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