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Rihanna: “You Sunk My Battleship”

Rihanna in character on the set of "Battleship"

Rihanna in character on the set of "Battleship"

Well it’s happened.  The super successful Pop sensation Rihanna will finally be hitting the silver screen with her first Feature Film.  The “We Found Love” singer has joined Liam Neeson and Universal Pictures for the May release for the up and coming blockbuster, Battleship.  In the film Rihanna plays Petty Officer Raikes, weapons specialist for the USS John Paul Jones.  Though we don’t have many other specifics on the film, it does in fact appear to be based on the popular board game of the same name. We came to this conclusion because Universal is joined in the production credits next to famed board game and toy maker Hasbro.  It should make for an interesting take on things.

She tweeted the Trailer for you to check out this past weekend.  Check out the clip embedded below.

Battleship (Trailer)

Hasbro/Universal Pictures