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Rick Ross Celebrates HIp Hop Excess In New Album Trailer

Rick Ross "Master Mind" Maybach Music Group/Def Jam Music Group

Rick Ross "Master Mind" Maybach Music Group/Def Jam Records/IDJMG

Before the week was out we wanted to make sure to shine our spotlight on The Boss of Hip Hop Mr. Rick Ross.  Earlier this week he released a very detailed, and frankly just cool album trailer video to youtube about his up and coming album, Mastermind.  The trailer takes us into the affluent world of Hip Hop “ballin” that Ross has consistently worked so hard to associate himself with, while still keeping artistic value out in front for us all to see.  The video opens with an attractive young woman at an old fashion, combing through a handful of classic albums.  Those albums included what’s Going On By Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson’s Ben and Bad albums, and eventually stopped on Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly soundtrack.  The woman then puts the Super Fly record on the turn table and we hear Ross’ music raise to segue into the next scene.

From there the video cut to what appears to be a beach side Miami penthouse where we see the woman lighting a candle, petting what we think is a leopard on the bed, with cuts of a shadowy “Godfather” like version of Ross counts stacks from a briefcase of several hundred dollar bills.  Then before cutting to another shot of classic albums, this time What’s Going On and, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, we see the woman walk what appears to be a fresh bottle of Ciroc out to him where he waits in a hot tub, all while managing a great “booty shot” of her.  It is in every way the essence of the fantasy of Hip Hop culture.  As fellas with our own aspirations in the music we couldn’t help but relate.  Watch it for yourself and see if you do too. Happy Friday!

Rick Ross

Mastermind Album trailer

Maybach Music Group/Def Jam Records/IDJMG