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Remember BC Jean?

BC Jean

BC Jean

Remember singer/song writer BC Jean? Well maybe you do and you just do not realize it. Jean is best known for co-writing the hit single “If I Were A Boy” with Toby Gad for Beyonce. At that time BC was a relatively unknown 21 year old singer/song writer who quickly got a hard dose of reality about the music industry.  BC did in fact become famous for writing “If I Were A Boy” for Beyonce with Gad, but she did not realize this until after Beyonce had recorded it to be the first single from her latest album,  I Am…Sasha Fierce. This was according to an article published by from October 2008. (“Beyonce’s New ‘Stolen’ Hit Record” By Roger Friedman) . In This article it is suggested that the song’s co-writer and producer, Toby Gad began shopping the single to mainstream Pop artists after plans to use  that song and others as part of Gad’s own album changed.

“Altogether, I am told, BC Jean wrote and recorded about a dozen songs with Gad for an album the producer was planning to make of his own. When the deal fell apart, Gad — whose 300 plus credits are all co-written, never solo — took the songs and started marketing them to big name, established artists. Gad’s past “collaborators” include Fergie, on “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”” (Quote from “Beyonce’s New ‘Stolen’ Hit Record” By Roger Friedman)

BC Jean was not made aware of Beyonce recording the song until a stranger called her and told her the news. Since then both BC and her mother/manager, Lori Carlson have come to terms with Beyonce’s team about the rights and publishing. Although Jean endured one of the most heartbreaking experiences any up and coming singer could imagine, maybe the later acclaim and buzz she recieved from writing the song for someone as high profile as Beyonce Knowles may have proven to be a blessing in disguise. Since then she has signed a deal with J. Records, part of the Jive/RCA Label Group of Sony Music. She is currently working on her debut album with the likes of Dallas Austin, The Matrix and even Toby Gad. The album is due for release later this year.  Recently J. Records serviced what is meant to be BC’s debut single as an artist. It is an up beat catchy Pop tune called “Just A Guy.” Keep checking in with us here at as we tell you more about BC Jean’s new project as it develops! Until then check out some of her music!

BC Jean

“Just A Guy”

J. Records/RCA Records/RMG

BC Jean

“If I Were A Boy” (Original Version)

Beyonce Knowles

“If I Were A Boy”

From I Am…Sasha Fierce

Music World Music/Columbia Records