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Rappers Can Write Off “Making It Rain”?

Video Image from "Make It Rain" Music Video by Fat Joe featuring Lil Wayne

Video Image from "Make It Rain" Music Video by Fat Joe featuring Lil Wayne

It is tax season.  So, to celebrate, TMZ has gotten there accounting on.  They’ve discovered that Rappers may be able to write off the money flaunting gesture commonly known within the Hip Hop community as, “making it rain.” The celeb gossip blog has learned that Rappers  Jim Jones, Bizzy Bone, The Game, and Daz Dillinger are all considering writing off their “rain making” efforts as business expenses.  Perhaps they got the idea from Rapper, Lil Flip.  When TMZ asked him if he would write off “making it rain,” he claimed that he already has.

For those of you that don’t know, “making it rain” is described as, when a person takes a large collection of crisp dollar bills, and thrown them in the air over a person or crowd, to watch them then fall down like rain as a way of expressing wealth or dominance.   Many Rappers do this when out at strip clubs as a part of showing off.  Each one of the Rappers asked, even made references to doing so in strip clubs. However, according to TMZ’s conclusion, because they’re entertainers, where it’s done may not matter.  They still may be able to write it off.

If a Rapper is entertaining clients, customers, or employees, it fits.  Also, if the argument can clearly be made that the action  was done  as an attempt for business growth as part of promotion and advertising, it still fits.  The only thing these Rappers need to consider is that the act has to remain “reasonable”, and not become a “lavish” expense.  Click here for Rapper quotes on the subject, and see how TMZ broke the process down.

Below is a music video we thought best describes the “rain making” process.  It is appropriately titled, “Make It Rain.”  Enjoy!

Fat Joe Featuring Lil Wayne

“Make It Rain”

Terror Squad/Imperial Records /EMI