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Randy Jackson Out As An “Idol” Judge: Who Will Join Mariah At The Judges Table?

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson

Over the holiday weekend there has been a whole lot of movin’ and shakin’ going on at American Idol. This time the story is now that long time Idol judge, Randy Jackson has officially announced his departure from his role on the judges panel. TMZ reported that even though Jackson will no longer be a judge on the show, he will in fact remain on the show as a mentor for next season’s contestants. TMZ has also reported that Idol’s deal with Nicki Minaj is 99% done despite new judge Mariah Carey’s objections. This is probably because Mariah had her heart set on being the only woman on the panel. Also Mariah’s record breaking stats as a female solo singer demonstrate how Mariah is considerably more qualified than Minaj who is currently working only her second album. People may think that Mariah’s objections were rooted in not liking Nicki in some way. This is presumably not the case since the two did collaborate together on Mariah’s 2010 single “Up Out My Face.”

Mariah Carey Featuring Nicki Minaj

“Up Out My Face”

From Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

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News of Jackson’s departure from the judge’s panel also revealed that the show has hopes of returning to a four person panel, like they had with addition Ellen Degeneres in 2010. At that time the panel had room for two different kinds of female judges. Ellen, who is a comedian and talk show host/producer, and Kara Dioguardi who is a acclaimed song writer/producer and Warner Bros Records’ executive. With Randy’s departure as a judge, does this mean the beginning of the end for American Idol? Randy Jackson was the last of the show’s original cast of  judges, remaining on the show. Some said despite all the changes at the judges panel in recent history, Jackson’s continued presence served as the glue for the show keeping it alive. At this time Mariah Carey is the only judge officially booked for the 2013 season  There has been talk of Idol producers perusing candidates like Sean “Diddy” Combs and Kanye West to fill the remaining slots on the panel, but TMZ says that sources close to Idol are saying that those two Hip Hop performers/moguls are now no longer being considered. There is still talk of Idol reaching out to different performers in the Country music genre. Stay with us for more developments on the story as they become available